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Travel continues to become more complex due to industry and world events. The following are recommendations to assist with safe and efficient travel:

  1. Make business travel reservations via a UT authorized travel agency. Travel booked through airline or other vendor web sites can be difficult to access during emergency situations and our agencies cannot provide assistance with these reservations.
  2. Provide a co-worker with both your business and after hours telephone numbers.
  3. Allow extra time for all aspects of travel from ground transportation to airport security check-in.
  4. Minimize jewelry and carry-on items that may trigger airport screening machines.
  5. If you change your travel plans while on the road, notify a co-worker of the revised schedule.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings and stay current on world events.
  7. Access web sites for up-to-date information.

Current advisories and conditions

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Transportation Security Administration

US Department of State

Centers for Disease Control