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(RTA) Request for Travel Authorization and
(RFS) Request for Services at McDonald Observatory


  1. You must fill out an RTA even if it is no expense to UT if you will be gone from your post (your job here at UT) for more than half a day.
  2. You must submit an RTA two weeks in advance of your trip

To submit an RTA and/or RFS, please use one of our web forms:

  • All UT Astronomy/McDonald Observatory personnel:
    Request for Travel Authorization (RTA and RTA/RFS)
  • All other UT personnel and non fee-based visitors who have completed an RTA (VE5), fee-based visitors (APS), and non-UT-funded visitors on business (cash, check or credit card):
    Request for Services at McDonald (RFS only)

    The RFS form is to be used for official business travel only.

What is an RTA?
"Prior approval for all business travel is required for absences from the campus (or other designated headquarters) for periods of half a day or more during the normal working period, whether or not there is a cost to The University."

What does "No Expense to UT" mean?
[What does it mean if I don't give an account number, and check that box?]
"No Expense to UT means: All of the money from the traveler's trip will come out of his/her own pocket, or other non-UT source. This includes all expenses incurred with transportation, lodging, fuel, meals and any miscellaneous items."