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The reimbursement form requires the free Acrobat Reader.

Travel Reimbursements

  • Never pay for someone else's expenses. 
  • Expenses are reimbursable to the individual traveler only.
  • Expenses submited for reimbursements older than 60 days after completing travel require a written explanation for the lateness and risk being disallowed entirely or reporte as taxable income for payee.

Every effort should be made to submit your expenses for reimbursement as soon as possible after incurring the costs in order to eliminate any confusion that might occur due to invalid account numbers, unavailable funds, or reporting periods. To process reimbursements, download the reimbursement form or, at right, print, fill out completely, and return a hard copy with all receipts to PMA Room 13.116, and email a digital copy to travel@astro.as.utexas.edu.

**Owners of the Acrobat Professional software can save responses typed directly into the form and submit via email (save is disabled in the free Acrobat Reader).

Process and Documentation

travel baggage

  • Required Receipts

    The following legible receipts are required for reimbursement. We encourage you to make a digital copy for backup.

    • Airline receipts must show name and payment. Travel itineraries only are not accepted.
    • Airline checked baggage fees. A receipt for the baggage charge and an explanation of the business purpose of additional bags are required for reimbursements. For overweight bags, an additional explanation is required of the business purpose of the weight overage.
    • travel receiptRental car receipts.
      • There are five approved vendors offered for business travel related car rentals and they can be direct billed to UT.
      • You can pay for a rental booked with contracted vendors with a credit card and submit the reciept for reimbursment.
      • If you must rent with a non-contracted vendor, you are required to purchase the offered collision and liability insurance. You must also obtain an exception from Travel Management Services (TMS) prior to submitting for reimbursement.
    • Gasoline receipts for rental car.
      • You may claim mileage or gas (with receipts) when using your personal car, but not both.
    • Bus, taxi, train receipts (for travel between cities) must show locations on the receipt.
    • Lodging receipts.
      • A detailed rental folio with the lodging's name and your name is required and the receipt must show itemized cost (room rate, taxed, etc.) and payment.
      • Reimbursement for additional guests (e.g., family, spouse) may not be reimbursed fully. You must provide a printed or screenshot of a comparable reservation for one person similar to your planned reservation with your request for reimbursement.
    • Meals receipts.
      • Tips will not be reimbursed on state accounts, generally 14 and 20 accounts. Check the account type.
      • Up to 20% tip on the subtotal is allowable on local accounts, generally a 30 account
      • Itemized meal receipts when rules allow exceptions to the limit.
    • Registration fees if paid by the traveler. Receipts must show the name and amount paid.
    • Miscellaneous expenses.
      • Personal items purchased during the business trip will not be reimbursed.

    Receipts are not required within a city for all other transportation, but the expenses must be itemized by date, locale, type, point-to-point, and amount. Receipts for parking expenses are not required. All receipts must reflect payment and a zero balance due.
  • Reimbursable Expenses and Maximum Amounts

    Allowable expenses and limits are adjusted frequently. Please see Accounting's Travel Reimbursements for current information. Reimbursements are based on account type and whether it follows state or local UT rules. Therefore, food and lodging rates will vary based on maximum allowable reimbursement and UT accounting policy.

  • euroConversion Rates

    Please use only one conversion rate for each type of currency.

    We prefer http://www.oanda.com/.