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Visual Identity Guidelines

In order to help promote a cohesive identity for the observatory, please use the logo for all official communications. These include poster papers, webpages, powerpoint presentations, brochures, posters, and more.

Familiarize yourself with the guidelines posted here. Leaving clearspace, respecting minimum size, and choosing the right light or dark color background logo version, will help the observatory maintain a strong and professional graphic identity.

The logo is available in several different formats. Here are some simple steps for deciding which version to use:

  1. Determine if the logo should include "The University of Texas at Austin" wordmark at the bottom, or the tagline "Fort Davis, Texas." (In general, Austin applications will use the former and West Texas applications, including Gift Shop merchandise, will use the latter.)
  2. Next, choose the print or web version.
  3. Choose whether the logo will appear on a white or dark background.
  4. Choose a color logo or a grayscale logo.

To maintain the highest quality, always use the official file formats found on the Downloads page. Downloads are restricted to observatory and astronomy associated personnel.

If you have questions about using the logo, or for access, please contact:

Katie Kizziar
Assistant Director, Education & Outreach
McDonald Observatory

Rebecca Johnson
Press Officer, McDonald Observatory

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McDonald Logo Color



Branding Progress for McDonald Observatory

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