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Agency Fees
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Using your personal car:

  1. When using your personal car, you may claim mileage or gas (with receipts), but not both.
  2. Mileage requires a point-to-point MapQuest be submitted for reimbursement.

State contracted rental cars:

  1. There are five approved vendors offered for business travel related car rentals.
  2. Rentals with vendors outside of these five may not be reimbursable without an exception.
  3. The approved vendors also offer box trucks, cargo vans and pickup trucks. See the overview to learn more on those specialty vehicle types.

All travelers on university-related business are REQUIRED to use a state approved rental agency unless all five contracted vendors are sold out, or they can provide proof of a lesser charge from another vendor. If you choose a non-approved agency, you must purchase the rental agency insurance strictly out-of-pocket. It is reimbursable.

International car rental:

  1. State of Texas car rental contracts are for the US only. When renting outside the US, use any vendor, and make sure that insurance coverage is purchased. Insurance is an approved reimbursement (or charge to departmental direct bill number), as international car rental agreements cover liability only.

 Rental Car FAQs


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