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Dr. Phillip MacQueen
(512) 471-1470


2dcoude manual for dummies
Additional tools, including 2dcoude simulator and ThAr atlas

A high-resolution spectrometer available with TK3, a thin, grade 1, Tektronix 2048 x 2048 CCD. Two-pixel resolving powers in its two modes of operation are 60,000 (TS23) and 240,000 (TS21). Two echelle gratings offer minimum inter-order separations of 10.5 and 15.5 arcsec. At R = 60,000, data from the full bandwidth of 3,400–10,900 Å are collected with the TK2048 CCD in as few as two exposures. Co-addition is available. Remote field acquisition and guiding are available, and autoguiding is available.

Choosing your slit for TS23: TS23_slits.pdf
Bob Tull's tables for grating coverage:  Click here