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In the case where the 2.7m, 2.1m, and 0.8m telescopes are not fully scheduled at the conclusion of the TAC process and publishing of the next trimester's schedule, observers may apply for the vacant time. Unless there is a large amount of vacant time, in which case we will announce a new proposal time period and reopen the web site, you may apply for any vacant time by sending Anita Cochran (anita@astro.as.utexas.edu) a proposal via email. The proposal should include a few paragraph science justification along with the desired dates and instrumentation. For those users wanting to extend their scheduled observing runs, an email request is sufficient. All valid requests will be processed approximately two weeks after publication of the schedule with conflicts being presented to the TAC for resolution. 

Amendments to the telescope schedules are regularly posted across from PMA 15.208 and on the McDonald web site. Observers are requested to check these postings prior to submitting vacant time proposals.